Now featuring: Tasks

Click Boarding has just checked the box on our latest feature to make your onboarding process easier and take less time: Tasks.

With Tasks you can seamlessly distribute the wide range of items that need to be accomplished in order to onboard your new hires.

We’re excited about this because it’s going to bring the difficult job of juggling your must-do hiring items completely within your control. No more stress. No more last minute running around. You can now create task lists and attach them to just the right point in your onboarding process. This means they will be sent out to right person at the right time, every time.


HR Tasks, IT Tasks, Facilities Tasks, Hiring Manager Tasks, oh my!

There is a lot to do when onboarding a new hire! Whew. In order to make this easier, Tasks can be set up to be automatically sent to Roles (like Coordinator, Hiring Manager, or Recruiter) or any other users that you have added into the Click Boarding system. This flexibility will allow you to easily manage who needs to complete your tasks.


What Task?!

Tasks won’t get lost anymore! When tasks are created, an email will be automatically sent to the person that is assigned to complete them. It will include a link to bring them to the task list along with a due date to let them know when it needs to be completed.


Interruptions happen!

When you start to work on a Task list, you can check off the completed items and return to the remaining items when you have time. We save your progress so you can pick up right where you left off.



Quick: check to see what’s left!

At any time, you can view the state of anyone’s task list by checking the Candidate Status and opening the Process Details. This will show you who’s tasks are still in progress.


Oh no – Jane’s out of the office!

Fear not, at any time you can reassign a Task to someone else. Simply locate the task and reassign it to someone else. That way Jane can enjoy her vacation, and the tasks still get completed.


We’re very excited to be bringing you this new release of Tasks! Contact us for any other feature requests, and be sure to subscribe to get the latest and greatest updated delivered directly to your inbox.