Masterclassing Retention

Discussing Employee Engagement with the MOST Engaged Audience

On Thursday, September 10th, 2020, Click Boarding had the privilege of presenting at a Masterclassing session on Employee Engagement. The 2-hour virtual event focused on connecting industry experts on the topic of employee engagement, amongst today’s constant yet ever-evolving challenges. The session included breakout sessions with HR professionals from enterprise brands along with a compelling keynote presentation from ESPN’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader, Joy Peña.

With a laser focus on onboarding, our team addressed strategies to engage new hires today. After reacting to market conditions and acknowleding the impact of onboarding, industry-leading expert attendees discussed tactics to deploy amidst the new normal. Across each breakout session, a few common themes became clear:

  • Throw your old onboarding rule book out the window!
  • Lean into change, and don’t be afraid to try new ideas
  • Focus on your people and their wellbeing

Check out our full presentation on “Engaging new hires in an uncertain world” in which we uncover strategies to engage employees – from day 0 and beyond – with both empathy and excitement.

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