HR Tech Spring '21 in Review

These HR Tech Spring ’21 memories will keep us going all year!

The HR Technology Spring 2021 Virtual Conference was just a few days ago, and we’re already feeling nostalgic. This immersive, four-day event showcased people, process and technology of the new age of HR, post COVID-19. The perfect “PPT framework” in which these three factors balanced together are what drive action. And one thing’s for sure: the hopeful, determined show attendees are ready to take action.

Throughout the keynote speaking sessions, solution demonstrations and tech talks, one common theme took shape. Following a transformative year filled with learnings and growing pains, it’s time for true change and innovation. Given the PPT methodology referenced above, this includes a fresh look at people, process and technology. Now that we’ve survived this period of unknowns, it’s time to thrive by adapting and collaborating.

Thankfully, we’re here to share a summary of HR Tech Spring ’21’s most memorable moments. Because man – or woman – was it memorable! See for yourself:

1. Employee engagement is top of mind.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… your employees are your greatest asset. After a year of turmoil, your new hires and seasoned team members alike want clear expectations, clarity and transparency. Engage them and mean it during their onboarding… because if you don’t, they’ll see right through it. More on that next.

2. Human connections are everything today.

Queuing off of engagement is the importance of connection. We see it as engagement with empathy. According to a captivating session led by industry analyst Jason Averbook, “We have to understand our people and what they have gone through in the last year. If we skip over them, they’ll skip over us.” It starts with understanding, and it demands appreciation and – ultimately – action. Ask your employees how you can help them succeed and then put the pieces in place to deliver. It’s time to walk the walk.

3. Diversity is mandatory.

On that note, the topic of diversity and inclusion has never been more prevalent. But it’s time to move from conversation into action and just simply do better. Torin Ellis, another evangelist at HR Tech Spring ’21, presented a call to action for HR to step up and approach DEI differently. Learn more >>

4. Hands-on, interactive demos are just more fun.

Our team of employee journey consultants held six engaging Click Boarding demonstrations over the course of the week. These intimate, close-knit discussions allowed our HR tech gurus to tackle real-world challenges from HR professionals on the fly. There’s nothing our team of consultants enjoy more than solving complex business problems! And with Click, we make it all possible.

5. ClickEngage is all the rage.

Outside of our fun-filled product demos, Team Click took to the show to announce our new product offering coming soon: ClickEngage! In short, ClickEngage surveys enable organizations to build a baseline for ongoing employee engagement. From these proven, automatic and science-backed surveys delivered at key intervals, retention becomes the focus. It’s about tapping into onboarding to increase employee engagement, enhance connections and drastically impact your employee retention. We had a blast walking participants through a live demo, and we could have kept the conversation going through the weekend!

6. The HR industry continues to inspire!

Needless to say, we were blown away by the honest perspectives and cutting-edge solutions discussed at this Spring virtual conference. It’s just another reminder of why we love what we do. Employee engagement and wellbeing have become a key focus amongst our colleagues, and we’re excited to be a part of the movement!

Discover how Click Boarding can transform your employee experiences and propel you into the future by getting in touch today. We can’t wait to show you what a seamless, automated onboarding experience can do for your organization. And as we stressed at HR Tech, onboarding is only the beginning.