Josh Hoover, Click Boarding’s SVP, Product speaks to our latest acknowledgement in HR Tech.

It’s no secret that onboarding has always been a challenge for organizations. When we first meet with new clients at Click Boarding, we find a few overwhelming commonalities. When they shine a light on their onboarding processes, what’s often discovered is that: 

  • Few onboarding standards actually exist.
  • There’s a lack of visibility into progress or status.
  • No department truly owns this indispensable but daunting right of passage for new employees.

Add more than two years of a pandemic to the equation, and it became an even greater challenge. Complexities around remote working, hybrid models and evolving protocols added to the mix. Thankfully, this unexpected scenario forced HR teams and their organizations to adapt and pivot… quickly.

Reversely, the Click Boarding employee experience experts were ready. We’d been shouting the value of seamless, automated onboarding from the rooftops since our inception in 2014. COVID simply gave our technology more exposure, as organizations became hungry for an optimal solution to meet employees where they were at.

Thankfully, our efforts have not gone unnoticed. We’re thrilled to share that Click Boarding has been recognized by HR Tech Outlook as a Top Onboarding Provider for the third year in a row. It’s a proud accomplishment and no small feat in the ever-evolving workforce dynamic of today.

To capitalize the moment, HR Tech Outlook sat down with Josh Hoover, Click Boarding’s SVP of Product, to discuss our outlook in 2023. Josh spoke to three key themes that guide our thinking today, within the virtual walls of Click Boarding:

1. Constant innovations

Continuous improvement is explicitly called out in our first corporate value. At Click, we’re on a constant mission to improve employee experiences. And we take that seriously with regard to our product development and enhancements. 

In recent months, this can be seen in our expansion into the employee journey. This entails supporting employees throughout their tenure as they transition in, through and even out of an organization. All leveraging Click’s orchestration of data, platform automation strategies for true digital literacy.

2. Keeping a pulse on the market

Our team of HR experts – and Josh specifically – are constantly scouring the market for the latest trends and insights. After all, it’s the day-to-day evolution of HR professionals like you that fuel our passion. Whether we’re researching the status of virtual work, the impact of the Great Resignation or the latest employee dynamics, we’re always on the move. Our focus can be seen in our product growth plans!

3. A focus on retention

Perhaps most exciting of all, Click Boarding has truly honed in on the concept of employee retention. We know all engagement efforts lead back to retention, and we also know attrition has become an incredible pain point. That’s why our team of HR technology engineers are focused on delivering key employee insights that ultimately increase retention. 

Our employee experience platform is all about leveraging the power of data to provide real-time employee insights for our clients. And it’s coming very soon with the launch of Click Retain. You won’t want to miss it!

What’s next?

Check out the full HR Tech Outlook article to hear more of Josh’s point of view and his approach to leading his team toward HR tech excellence. When you’re ready to evaluate your own employee onboarding process, our employee experience experts are ready to help you succeed!

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