Click Boarding Receives Employee Engagement Award

Click Receives Employee Engagement Award

2020 tossed a great deal of curve balls our way. Between the global health crisis and social unrest, each day seemed to present new obstacles. Employees felt the weight of these challenges, and employers were put to the test in their ability to adjust, adapt and acknowledge the struggles of their teams. After a warranted period of patience, employee expectations have now escalated drastically in 2021. New hires expect top-notch experiences and employees demand it across their entire journey.

In the wake of this move to a digital world, HR Tech Outlook has devised a list of the Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers of 2021. Their mission? To guide firms in harnessing the power of innovative technologies to tackle today’s workplace challenges.

The proven, go-to partner in eX

To our delight, HR Tech Outlook recognized Click Boarding as a leading solution. Accordingly to their analysis, “Click Boarding becomes the go-to partner due to its intuitive, user-friendly design and transformational approach to solving their client’s business objectives.”

Take a minute to read their full feature on Click Boarding’s employee engagement award, or digest these key points:

1. A foolproof foundation
Click Boarding is an intuitive, mobile-first solution that has revolutionized the onboarding experience. The scalable platform was built on a foundation of compliance, and it enables enhanced experiences across the complete employee journey.

2. A new endeavor
In response to the challenges of 2020, the organization has risen to the occasion by introducing a Consulting Practice. The Consulting Practice extends the experience Click’s modern software provides by translating business goals into measurable outcomes for customers with complex business needs.

3. A unique offering
Click Boarding’s Consulting Practice provides a transformational approach to solving business objectives across the employee lifecycle. ​Click’s highly skilled consultants offer a transparent, pragmatic approach in crafting tangible solutions for even the most unique use cases.

4. A history of success
It’s easy to appreciate why progressive, enterprise-grade companies choose Click Boarding. In the case of a large healthcare organization, Click’s team of experts not only met, but exceeded growth targets. As a result, the client’s NPS score jumped from 35 to 70.

5. A look ahead
Continuous investment in self-service and communication capabilities are on the horizon for Click. Take it from Danielle Balow – Senior Solutions Manager of Click’s Consulting Practice – who said, “We’re focused on providing the mediums and products for organizations to connect with their employees and retain them for the future through insights and assessments.”

Don’t miss the complete article featuring Danielle in her revolutionary role!

Experience Click’s end-to-end experience platform
Click Boarding’s modern, fully compliant employee experience platform enables retention at every turn. We do so by building certainty, confidence and long-term commitment through our best-in-class capabilities. Connect with a Clickster to learn more today.