Click Boarding at HR Tech Fall '22

Here’s what’s on deck for Click Boarding at HR Tech Fall ’22!

The 2022 HR Technology Conference is only a few short weeks away, and our team of employee journey experts is brimming with anticipation! As an HR professional, you probably feel the same way, preparing for the excitement and energy only the Entertainment Capital of the World can deliver. After all, it is the world’s leading event in HR innovation! As a follower of Click Boarding, we hope to see you there. But if you thought we’d be rolling out the same ‘ol trade show agenda, think again.

In addition to the captivating keynotes, strategic sessions and innovative technology, we’ve got exciting plans in store for this year’s world-famous expo. Here are four can’t-miss reasons to catch Click at HR Tech:

1. Our inaugural LIVE share-out of exclusive 2022 onboarding statistics

We teamed up with Aptitude Research’s chief analyst, Madeline Laurano, to reveal the latest comprehensive employee onboarding report since 2015. Madeline will join Click Boarding’s CEO, Mike Ehrle, in the HR Tech Talk Theater on Thursday, September 15th, from 11 a.m. – 11:20 a.m. PST for a compelling discussion on this honest, hard-hitting data. Make sure to add our exclusive track (Session Number T20) to your online program agenda.

2. An irresistible moment of nostalgia you don’t want to miss

We trust you’ll see Click in a fresh light when you swing by Booth #6023 at Mandalay Bay. When it comes to booth activities, however, we’re keeping it old school. We’re featuring the reinvention of a well-known game that’s sure to delight! Participants must answer a series of rapid-fire questions about onboarding for a chance to win a YETI™ cooler… and an appreciation for the new hire experience. We’ll just have to leave you with that cliffhanger

3. Captivating 1:1 conversations with industry experts

Our team of HR tech gurus are already accepting reservations for one-on-one discussions in our booth. If you’re interested in employee experiences, it’s the fastest way to cut through the noise at the show and capitalize on your time. We’ll determine if we can help your business deliver optimal onboarding that leads to real-time retention. Schedule your focused, no-nonsense session in our meeting scheduler below, and you’ll walk away with a realistic action plan!

4. A chance to participate in an exclusive focus group

As an 2022 HR Technology Conference attendee, you’ll have the rare opportunity to sign up for a focus group on Click Retain, the newest product offering from Click Boarding. Built to complement our core platform, Click Retain captures employee sentiment with pre-packaged touchpoints for long-term growth and retention. When you stop by Booth # 6023, ask any of our friendly team members about Click Retain for details. Participation is limited, so be sure to visit us early!

An added bonus, just for stopping by!

As you review our show plans you’ll find they all center around our latest concept you just can’t ignore: The Valley of Uncertainty™. It’s the undesirable period of chaos as new hires transition from candidates to employees. When the business lacks investment in the onboarding process, employees take the hit. Sadly, we’ve all been there in our own professional endeavors. Jog your memory and prepare for Click’s HR Tech Talk  The Onboarding Valley of Uncertainty: It’s worse than you thought download a copy of Aptitude Research’s research findings from June 2022, providing undeniable clarity on the real state of onboarding today.

See you in Vegas!