HR Connect Virtual Leadership Summit Recap

Click’s Captivating Themes from HR CONNECT July 2021 Summit

The second CONNECT HR Leadership Virtual Summit has officially come to a close. And much like in March, the July event did not disappoint. This 5-day interactive showcase brought together today’s most innovative minds and solutions in human resources. These HR executives and leading technology solution providers spent the week sharing, learning and inspiring one another through compelling presentations and one-on-one meetings.

Click Boarding was thrilled to attend for a second time and represent mobile-first, elevated experiences across the employee journey. We found ourselves “preaching to the choir” as attendees affirmed their heightened focus on employee experience (EX). Throughout our conversations, a few themes rang true:

1. Experiences must be employee-first.

Engaging experiences must include putting employees at the forefront. After all, EX emphasises the employee, just like HR intentionally focuses on humans. We musn’t forget this when building out employee experiences to meet the unique, evolving needs of our team members.

2. Scalable technology is key.

Manual, decentralized employee workflows no longer cut it. While COVID expedited the need to deliver fully remote experiences, we must now incorporate flexible and configurable workflows that meet the diverse needs of our employee base. We must accomplish this by group, location and even demographic, given differing preferences.

3. Start with trust and transparency.

We can all agree that nobody is perfect. So why do we pretend our organizations are perfect? Honesty and transparency go a long way when building out an employee engagement model. Employees place significant value on transparency; they surely do not appreciate being lied to. Instead, bring them along in the journey, share your vision and work together to deliver optimal experiences that evolve with you.

4. Retention starts at the initial “YES.”

In the age of this great awakening, employees are opening their eyes to bigger and better opportunities. That’s why it’s crucial to retain your new hires and employees at every turn. And don’t forget: employee retention is everyone’s job. You need the proper people, processes and technology to get you there. It must be built into your ecosystem before it’s too late.

At the conclusion of this week-long leadership summit, Team Click walked away confident in our mission to deliver exceptional experiences across the employee journey. We do so by providing modern, compliant HR solutions that impact new hire first year growth and retention. All in a fully digital, post-pandemic period that puts employees on the pedestal. When you’re ready to focus on your greatest assets and let the process run itself, we’re here for you.

Interested in attending the next CONNECT HR Leadership Summit? Check out the Fall 2021 show plans today!