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Reverse Engineering Click Boarding 2.0

Recently, Mike Ehrle was featured on the SaaS Backwards Podcast. With a keen focus on helping SaaS companies accelerate growth and profitability, this an up-and-coming podcast is moderated by Ken Lempit of Austin Lawrence Group. The interview occurs at a pivotal milestone for Ehrle, as he embarks on one year leading Click Boarding as Chief Executive Officer.

During this 36 minute broadcast, Ehrle speaks to various topics tied to his introduction to onboarding, the growing Human Capital Management (HCM) technology landscape and the undeniable sweet spot for Click Boarding. Ehrle hits hard on a few critical themes to drive success as a best-in-breed solution provider:

  • An opportunity in the HR Tech Ecosystem to capitalize on onboarding
  • The missing link for HCM all-in-one, suite players who struggle with nuance
  • Finding and honing in on our key differentiation in this competitive environment
  • The critical importance of integrations for true connectivity across platforms

As expected, Lempit guides this compelling discussion to uncover lessons learned by Click’s new CEO in a growing SaaS environment. Key insights addressed include:

  • Calling on new and tenured leaders to unify the organization
  • Addressing cultural struggles and sensitive team dynamics from the get-go
  • Building meaningful relationships with large, trusted HR technology vendors
  • Breaking down barriers to communication and cross-functional comradery
  • Double down on remote working and the evolution of technology

Across the board, Ehrle emphasizes the need to find synergies and lean into them wholeheartedly. Both internally to improve employee relations as well as externally via partnerships and prospects. It’s all about identifying mutual value for all stakeholders involved. That’s when you’ll get real momentum and focus, that results in growth.

Don’t miss the full feature via episode 45 of Reverse Engineering SaaS Success.

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