Click's "Manager Burnout" Article Featured on HR Morning

Manager burnout: the facts & figures are real

At Click Boarding, we’re both honored and excited that HR Morning picked up an article we wrote about the growing concern around manager burnout (this includes executive-level burnout). HR Morning is a leading online provider of the today’s latest HR news, industry updates and professional insights, and this topic was one we were sure would resonate with many of their readers.

Originally, employee burnout was just one of the many predominant repercussions from the two plus years of living through an unscripted, confusing global pandemic. Then what had  started as rampant burnout among employees – inevitably and eventually – became the bane of manager- and executive-level staff. The debilitating stressors of being in a management role during such a turbulent time surely had to be taking its toll, even among the most resilient, stalwart managers.

The harsh reality is that no matter which management level, there was not one people leader, executive or manager who has remained impervious to burnout during Covid. Therefore, managers of every level have suffered similarly to the burnout felt by the majority of employees.

So just how serious of a problem is executive and manager burnout? It’s genuinely a concerning situation, no matter which angle you look at it. Here’s a quick preview of just some of the latest statistics on executive and manager burnout. And they are as startling as they are worrisome:

  • 66% suffer from burnout. [DigiDay]
  • 72% feel increased pressure to deliver. [Benefit News]
  • 59% are putting in longer hours. [Benefits Pro]
  • 84% internalize fault for high employee burnout. [Benefits Pro]
  • 91% are having trouble working remotely, compared to individuals and executives. [Fortune]
  • 89% of HR executives agree manager empathy empowers a hybrid model, but investments in managers are floundering. [Gartner]

Without giving away the whole story, we also cover what’s at the root of manager burnout and how it’s impacted this group differently than others. Finally, we offer tangible advice on how to turn the tide on manager and executive burnout. You don’t want to miss it!