Introducing Click Boarding in Microsoft Teams

Click Boarding is thrilled to announce the development of integrations within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. Through Microsoft Teams, Click’s personalized dashboard provides a centralized location for employees to stay up to date with key milestones ​from Onboarding to Retirement and everything in between.

This strategic integration with Microsoft Teams gives new hires everything they need – forms, tasks, resources, and meeting invites– all within their familiar Microsoft Teams environment. This creates collaborative and efficient employee milestones that get everyone on the same page, fast.

Click Boarding’s Microsoft Teams application empowers you to:

  • Empower HR Teams: Focus on strategic initiatives, not administrative tasks.
  • Engage New Hires: Foster a culture of collaboration and build stronger teams.
  • Drive Results: Improve talent retention and maximize new hire potential.

Click Boarding’ Microsoft Teams application is not just a software solution – it’s about evolving onboarding alongside our customers to create a future where every new hire feels welcome, informed, and excited to contribute.

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