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Hiring is complicated. Between sourcing, interviewing, the offer and offer acceptance, HR is supposed to be interacting with different departments throughout the organization to make their new recruits feel like they made the right choice. Now throw in onboarding. Where does onboarding start? Who owns it? Talent acquisition? Talent management?

Recruiting and onboarding should be cohesive and collaborative, but unfortunately, the systems HR uses don’t seem to understand that hiring is a team effort. This does more than hurt HR’s productivity. When a candidate is brought into an organization that has a disconnected hiring process, they end up with a disjointed and frustrating experience. So now, instead of being excited to start, they’re rethinking the offer.

HR’s tired of it, and their candidates are right there with them. Millennials today demand an easy and mobile way for them to be hired and onboarded. HR demands an easy way to make that happen.

Today, we’re thrilled to share our strategic alliance with Lever!  Part of our shared strategy is a tight integration to help make hiring not so complicated.



Lever is recruiting software designed to help you attract, source, interview and hire candidates faster. They believe recruiting is a team sport, from recruiters to hiring managers, and the team should live in the tools they work in most.

Christine Marino, Chief Revenue Officer at Click Boarding said:

“That’s why we’re so excited to work with Lever! They understand that hiring is a group effort and have built their platform to create an easier, more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. At Click Boarding, we understand as well. By changing onboarding from forms and paperwork to an engaging and emotional experience, we’ve found that employee retention and company loyalty boosts significantly, as does new hire productivity and performance.”


With Lever and Click Boarding’s new integration, you can:

  • Engage new hires meaningfully and proactively
  • Check off tasks quickly
  • Assign and complete forms compliantly
  • Collaborate effortlessly
  • Deliver a great experience

Sarah Nahm, Chief Executive Officer at Lever, said:

“In today’s hiring environment, the process does not end when an offer is signed. Employers need to continue to differentiate as they welcome new hires to the office, from providing painless and automated administrative workflows, to sending warm and customized welcome messages, to setting proper expectations for the first week of employment. When companies connect Lever and Click Boarding, they’re able to deliver an incredible experience to every new employee.”

For more information on how this integration works, and why the new hire experience truly matters, click here!

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