Impress Invest and Inspire

How to Impress, Invest & Inspire your new hires

We’re excited to be featured in‘s Excellence Essentials campaign! The three-part blog series outlined Click’s strategic approach to onboarding, known as our 3 “I”s – Impress, Invest and Inspire. helps HR professionals choose the right talent acquisition strategies by keeping them current on today’s hottest HR topics.

View the full series for insights from industry experts, including Jess Von Bank, Don MacPherson and Click’s own Director of Transformation, Danielle Balow, gleaned from the HR Tech Symposium in 2020. We covered everything from how to wow potential hires to mentoring new hires during their first few months on the job and everything in between. After a full year of our “new normal,” the experts at Click have learned a thing (or three!) about how to keep your onboarding strategies fresh and in tune with what the workforce looks like today.

In the first blog of our series, we covered how to impress your new hires. Day 1 is vital for keeping a new hire engaged and ready to return, but the days leading up to their first day are just as important. Says Don MacPherson, “In my opinion, the onboarding process – particularly that first week – is like a first date. If you don’t show them the respect they deserve, their enthusiasm is going to vanish. It’s going to go away very, very quickly.” A great pre-boarding experience lends itself to a great first day. Learn more about how you can prepare so that all of your hires leave their first day impressed.

Next, we moved on to invest, which is crucial to creating an onboarding process that pays off in the long run. Invest means more than just a monetary investment. You can pour money into your onboarding process, but it will be meaningless without the right structure and investment of time and connection. According to Jess Von Bank, ”This year more than any other year, we humanized work…we have truly humanized the experience of work. And what a great opportunity, what a great moment for onboarding, to really see your new employees – the talent in your organization – as humans.” Connections are the best investment you can make in your employees.

The final blog in our series was how to inspire your new hires. One of the biggest challenges many companies face with their new hires is instilling company loyalty. Our “Inspire” guide helps you understand what makes an employee feel included and how to create an environment where they are making decisions and immediately building a sense of loyalty to your company. “By 90 days, you should be well on your way to building loyalty and engagement among your new employees. We’ve found, however, that early engagement can evaporate quickly if they aren’t connected to the infrastructure and vision of the organization,” says MacPherson. Inspire your new hires, and they’ll be in it for the long haul.