CIO Coverage Names Click Boarding 10 Best HR Tech Companies To Watch

New tech, new era, new leader

It comes as no surprise that the pandemic escalated the need for better HR tech more than it ever has before. That’s why we’re especially proud to be named one of the “10 Best HR Tech Companies to Watch in 2022” by CIO Coverage! The global enterprise tech magazine recognized Click Boarding for our employee experience platform’s innovation and automation. For Click, this award comes at the perfect time as our CEO, Mike Ehrle, has been making significant strides in his short tenure.

With a history rooted in HR, Ehrle’s focus is simple: offer a premium onboarding experience with a focus on employees and a push to expand on future endeavors to stay innovative. According to Ehrle, “it’s not just ‘Day one onboarding, but the entire pre-hire and post-hire candidate experience.” He says it also underscores Click’s promise to employers: Optimal Onboarding. Real-time Retention.

Ehrle embraces the critical importance of onboarding, a holistic employee experience, and the constant evolution of our platform. He understands best-in-class technologies are in high demand, emphasizing his core belief in the concept of Click Boarding.

Onboarding & employee transitions

Just as we’ve optimized employee onboarding, Erhle noted Click Boarding’s expansion to encompass all employee life cycle transitions within the end-to-end Click platform. These include automating workflows to address key employee milestones such as:

  • Promotions
  • Role changes
  • Departmental moves
  • Employee training activities
  • One-time events
  • And so many more!

With the heightened demand for HR automation, Click offers a solution to help HR leaders and professionals get employee onboarding right, increase a new hire’s comfort level, and decrease the time to full productivity.

3 employer challenges today & how to solve them

In the article, Ehrle is quick to point out that there are critical marketing trends in the HR tech space that cannot and should not be ignored:

1. Understaffed HR teams

When HR leaders and teams are understaffed, meeting the needs of the company becomes exponentially more difficult. This is evident, especially during the last two years. HR teams have played a pivotal role in the changing demands that the pandemic has brought. Our automated workflows add automation and digitization to processes that may otherwise decrease productivity for HR teams.

2. Onboarding correctly

A thorough onboarding process isn’t just about getting paperwork filled out. In truth, a comprehensive onboarding process involves many moving parts from the entire company. It can also make the difference when it comes to retaining an employee or having them move on to something they deem better. With our platform, automations optimize onboarding workflows so new hires can become acclimated more quickly.

3. Remote work is here to stay

Within our own company, Ehrle mentions that only 15% of employees are willing to work from the office on a part-time basis. And, according to an article by Forbes magazine, remote work is expected to increase in the following years. Que the need for Click’s mobile-first platform for seamlessly integrated digital workflows.

Why HR tech matters

With a new era focused on HR automation and advancements, the pandemic created the need for tech to rise to the surface. To grow companies in this digital age, HR teams need a comprehensive platform to help them succeed. Additionally, the need for easy integration with other HR systems is important to any system. When it comes to HR tech, Ehrle’s vision for Click Boarding is to remain ahead of HR technologies. This includes continually improving the current products and expanding Click capabilities to other areas such as employee transitions, mergers and acquisitions, career changes, and temporary leaves.

To learn more about CIO Coverage’s “10 Best HR Tech Companies to Watch in 2022” Award and our new CEO Mike Ehrle, read their entire article to see what’s happening in HR tech.

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