The Need to Retain is the Name of the Game

Click Boarding set to lead global discussion on employee retention

Have you heard of The Business Transformation Network (BTN)? If not, it’s time you did. The BTN is the world’s homebase for transformation content and networking. This organization showcases experts across innovative fields through the dissemination of thought-provoking content and discussions in the form of videos, articles and events.

So what is the leading network of people, process and technology focused on today? We’ll tell you: employee retention. It’s the topic that’s become top of mind across industries, particularly within the HR function. In fact, according to Globoforce, 47% of HR leaders have cited employee turnover and retention as their top challenge.

Given this fresh focus on preventing turnover, The Business Transformation Network has invited Click Boarding to host a exclusive roundtable all about retention. The line-up of guest speakers includes the following industry evangelists:

During this 1.5 hour thought-provoking conversation planned for July 13th, 2021, the panel will address the latest trends in employee engagement and retention:

  1. The state of the global talent market
  2. A shift in working models
  3. Engagement amidst today’s challenges
  4. The impact of turnover & retention

If you’re interested in attending, learn more about this virtual session on BTN’s event page.