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How to Create Connections with Gig Workers

The gig economy is a powerful and growing force, filled with talent that runs the gamut from inexperienced labor to highly specialized, highly skilled workers. Where the freelance economy used to be dominated by necessity, such as job loss, it’s now more so one of choice. Technology has enabled highly skilled workers to leave the confines of steady employment in favor of flexible work arrangements.

This means that freelancers get to choose when to work, what to work on, and most importantly, which organizations to work with. This power shift means that your organization’s brand reputation in the talent pool marketplace influences the quality of temporary workers willing to work with you. How you treat your temporary workers, and the connections you forge with them, directly influences the quality of freelancers you can secure and your bottom line.

With 57* million Americans engaged in nontraditional work, and growing, your organization can’t afford to risk neglecting freelancers.

40% of companies expect that gig workers will become an increasing part of their workforce.

– Forbes

Connect with your gig workers with these 4 tips:

1. Make them feel like part of the team

Send an email welcoming them to the organization after they accept the offer. Include information about the organization, where to go, and what to wear. A video introducing the team, company culture, and values is always appreciated, as is a team lunch or coffee break on the first day. It’s important to make gig workers feel like a valued member of the team, even if their contribution is temporary.

2. Give them the tools they need to be successful from the start

Make a good impression by having everything the gig worker needs on the first day, such as security access and a laptop. Preparation shows your temporary worker that you respect and value their time.

3. Provide a Testimonial

If your gig worker does excellent work, offer to give them a written testimonial they can use in their marketing materials. This social proof immensely helps them secure future work, which strengthens their connection with you. They will certainly remember you favorably next time you need their help

4. Automate Everything

Make it easy on your team, especially if you are onboarding many gig workers, by automating each step of this process with seamless triggers.

 * Forbes