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Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

It’s the WIN your HR team has been waiting for!

Click Boarding is a modern employee journey platform that excites HR, new hires and employees by blending engagement with digital workflow into smooth, flexible solutions.

It’s time to transform new hires from candidates to advocates with Click Boarding’s fully compliant and ever-engaging employee journey platform. It’s the clear path forward towards a fully digital tomorrow.

Discover what a seamless, automated onboarding experience can do for your organization by downloading our free guide on the ROI of automated onboarding.

Experience true people ROI

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Click Boarding gives you more:

Click’s mobile-first, cross-device platform is the turnkey solution you’ve been waiting for. Alongside our industry-leading service comes the robust yet nimble functionality you can’t pass up. Plus, it’s developer friendly thanks to our API Developer Portal and Single Sign On.

  • Guided, step-by-step employee experiences
  • Personalized processes
  • Streamlined security & compliance
  • HR tech ecosystem integrations
  • Scaled automation & self-service
  • Unlimited process flows & configurable workflows
“We love Click Boarding! During implementation, our Project Manager was absolutely the most helpful person and was with us from the beginning and never left us. She was instrumental in making sure our tool works seamlessly. Click Boarding is a great company who I hope to have an on-going relationship with. They are the prime example of excellent customer service.”
HR Specialist Multinational Telecommunications Company