Did you know 35% of companies spend zero dollars on onboarding?

The idea that spending $11,000 to hire someone and zero dollars to make them productive is detrimental. That’s like purchasing an expensive pair of shoes without ever breaking them in. With a candidate-driven job market, employers can’t afford to lose quality new hires which is why it’s so important that new employee onboarding is a top priority.

Whether or not companies want to see it this way, you owe it to your new hires to set them up with the proper resources from day one. They will feel valued and engaged and in return you will get a loyal employee who is ready to start working as soon as possible.

Watch these 7 stats to learn why investing in onboarding is more important than many of us realize.



Getting your new hires off on the right foot is the kind of solution that could save your company lots of dollar signs and headaches down the road not to mention having proper employee onboarding software offers a world of benefits. In fact, employees with a standard onboarding process experience 54% greater new hire productivity and 50% greater new hire retention.

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