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Collect and store employee signatures via clear documentation.

Click Boarding Electronic Signature

Why eSignature?

The term “eSignature” is short for “electronic signature.” It’s one of the first steps for a candidate once they begin the automated onboarding process within the Click Boarding Employee Experience Platform. Digitally enabled, fully compliant forms provide the utmost security for complete peace of mind.

  • Curated collection and documentation of signatures
  • Remote-enabled, intuitive sign-offs from any location
  • Simple signing across experiences, from offer letter to exit

What is an eSignature?

eSignature are created when a candidate uses their computer or mobile device to create an electronic version of their name. In addition to the typed version of their name, eSignature functionality allows candidates to create their digital signature, just like a signed and printed version of a signature on a paper document.

Once the eSignature has been created, a candidate uses it to accept a variety of onboarding forms within the Click Platform. These forms embed the candidate’s electronic signature onto the accepted automated onboarding forms.

How eSignature are created

The Click Boarding Employee Experience Platform was designed with a built-in library that allows a candidate to “draw” their signature using a touchscreen, mouse or other interface they may have. The candidate is only asked to set up their signature a single time at the beginning of the automated onboarding process.

See Click in action

Our proprietary eSignature is built to meet your needs.