There were 77 speakers, 9 stages, and over 80 HR Technologies wedged into the Aria hotel in Las Vegas this week – all for the sake of creating a better future of work.

We heard from giants like Gary Hamel, Rachel Botsman, and Mo Gawdat. We learned about humanocracy, AI, and how to bring Trust, Happiness and Humans back into Future of Work and HR Technology. We rubbed elbows with HR leaders and practitioners from around the globe, spent quality time with some of the greatest innovators in HCM,and we did it all from the thick of it at the Startup Zone on the Expo floor.

Goodwall is one of the leading professional development platforms for students. Registered students are looking to find internships and their first entry level jobs, as well as to network with over 1+ Million other students on the platform. Goodwall delivers organisations with new, screened candidates to their inbox every month, based on its hiring needs. Its robust filtering process allows companies to focus on a few hyper relevant candidates based on their own search criteria. The student profiles on the platform are comprehensive and holistic. They include hard and soft skills, achievements, and video interviews. Registered students come from over 155 countries, showcasing diversity at its best.
Altru transforms the way companies execute on Employer Branding, through Employee-Generated video. It works with companies like Unilever, L’Oréal, and Dell to create video content through its SaaS mobile platform. Employees are nominated by TA teams to share their personal experience on what it’s like to work at the company, and create content through Altru’s mobile application.
KnowledgeFlo is a transformative four-component platform that empowers its users with the continuous FLO of information needed to outperform the competition. It re-imagined every aspect of today’s systems (learning, performance, social and decision management) to deliver a proprietary and next generation solution that easily integrates with companies’ existing tools. KnowledgeFlo’s mobile first approach gives unparalleled access to the most important data when it needs it most, anywhere, anytime.
Video My Job
VideoMyJob is a software solution that enables organizations to create, edit, share and track branded video, at scale, to better engage with employees and jobseekers. Job Ads have been left in the 90’s, Top Job Seekers are Passive, Branded Videos are costly..the world has moved to video…so they are passionate about bringing jobs to life! Video My Job is just under 2 years old, has a team of 15 passionate individuals and is already working with over 150 clients in 32 Countries.
Zyvo is reshaping the future of HR. With its award-winning and highly advanced personality and neuro-assessments, it predicts employee performance with unprecedented precision. The ‘Zyvo HR Analytics Box’ combines psychometrics, neuro-science and machine learning with your companies’ data to make predictions about revenue, retention, customer satisfaction and other business outcomes.

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