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Build ROI into your people from day one

In today’s fast-paced financial environment, new demands and – quite frankly – no-nonsense job hopping has become common. Gone are the days of lifelong employees that can count their corporations on one hand, much less one finger.

Within Financial Services specifically, Compdata reports a turnover rate of 18.6%. That’s right – 18.6%. According to Human Resources Today, it’s the highest across all industries. If you manage a team in the financial sector, this is troubling news. Industry leaders Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase understand that people are a company’s greatest asset, especially when you consider irreplaceable knowledge workers that keep the engine that is your business running. What happens when they walk? The downstream effects are disastrous.

Rest assured, it’s possible to proactively prevent employee churn. Instead of reacting to undesirable results, it’s time to target a reduced rate through active, intentional exercises. It starts with onboarding, and it never truly ends.

Chat CHURN with a Click Expert

Our team of employee journey experts are equipped to tackle your churn rate head-on.

Financial Services Retention


Click Boarding’s modern, fully compliant employee experience platform enables retention at every turn. We do so by building certainty, confidence and long-term commitment through our best-in-class capabilities:

Guided, intuitive experiences

Seamless, step-by-step workflow orchestration with a full self service interface for complete configuration.

Employee lifecycle capabilities

Transform new hires from candidates to advocates at key employee milestones throughout their journey.

Synchronized employee surveys

Ready-made surveys build employee baselines, setting the stage for ongoing engagement opportunities.


Leading compliance and security

First-class compliance and unmatched data security provide your full peace of mind. Backed by a team of experts.

Our onboarding process used to be a hassle with state tax forms, compliance documentation, and new hires having difficulty accessing our forms. Click Boarding has made it easy for new hires to complete their forms with a modern interface and digital signature functionality. They also provide updated state tax forms and built a custom application to help us collect and store all of our compliance questions. It’s been great working with them!

Assistant Vice PresidentA global Fortune 500 financial firm