Click & Lever Partnership

Upping the Onboarding Ante

Intentionally designed and deceptively simple, Lever is an ATS that brings together the talent you have to hire with the talent you need, in a fast yet simplified process. Click Boarding completes the process with service and the implementation of mobile-first, seamless onboarding for an employee experience that’s second to none.


Mobile-first, guided candidate experiences


Industry-leading security & compliance


Consistent, convenient sign-on experience


Seamless, solid downstream HRIS integrations


Extensive suite of robust APIs

Lever helps companies grow their teams

  • We follow the values we respect: collaboration, transparency and humanity
  • We streamline recruiting to bring you the best talent faster
  • We create a better experience for talent leaders and candidates, with a strong diversity & inclusion

Lever's progressive, forward-thinking ATS

  • Lever Talent Suite
  • Lever Hire
  • Lever Nurture
  • Lever Analytics
  • Talent Cloud Connect
  • Lever for Enterprise
  • Lever for Startups

Lever customers achieve strong ROI

  • Industry-leading recruiting software
  • 3,000+ company customers
  • >29M Lever candidates
  • Serving 60 countries worldwide
  • Extreme focus on diversity and inclusion with a 50:50 corporate gender balance


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