Employee retention keep you up at night?


We’re willing to bet that retention is on your balanced scorecard, as the need to retain talent has become key to success in today’s complex world. And given the detrimental impact of turnover tied to loss in productivity, resource allocation and hard dollars, it’s more important than ever.

Retention wasn’t always critical, however. So why now? In the age of increased demands on employers and enhanced employee expectations, loyalty is no longer a given. The concept of lifelong employees is completely outdated. If employee needs aren’t being met, they won’t hesitate to opt out… sometimes without a second thought!

So how do you keep your greatest assets from walking? You start retaining the moment they accept. And you never stop. Actively retaining new hires from day 0, to 90 days, six months and throughout their tenure is how to win the war on talent. It’s about maximizing the investment you’re making in your team members throughout their entire journey.


At Click Boarding, retention is top of mind. We know it starts the moment new candidates say YES, and it’s more important now than ever. If retention keeps you from better sleep, let’s chat.

The stats on retention are harrowing. When you connect with our team, we’ll share the 7 Costs of Employee Churn. Here’s a hint… it affects much more than just dollars!


2018 turnover reported from new employees who quit within their first year. (Catalyst)


Employees who experience positive onboarding are more likely to remain with their employer for 3 years. (Recruiting Daily)


HR leaders cited employee turnover and retention as their top challenge. (Globoforce)


Companies rated highly on employee onboarding & training saw this reduction in their employee attrition rate. (LinkedIn)


Click Boarding’s modern, fully compliant employee experience platform enables retention at every turn. We do so by building certainty, confidence and long-term commitment through our best-in-class capabilities:

Guided, intuitive experiences

Seamless, step-by-step workflow orchestration with a full self service interface for complete configuration.

Employee lifecycle capabilities

Transform new hires from candidates to advocates at key employee milestones throughout their journey.

Synchronized employee surveys

Ready-made surveys build employee baselines, setting the stage for ongoing engagement opportunities.


Leading compliance and security

First-class compliance and unmatched data security provide your full peace of mind. Backed by a team of experts.

Actively reduce employee churn with intentional onboarding.

Our team of experts are equipped to tackle your churn rate head-on.