What’s love got to do with onboarding?

Love is in the air, and what better topic to talk about than…onboarding! What’s new hire onboarding got to do with love? First, we love our new hires. Second, we want our new hires to love us back – to love our brand, our company, their jobs. And like in any loving...
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How was your last 30 days?

Have you hit your January goals? If you haven’t, do you know why? Are you changing your February goals based on last month’s outcome? An important activity for all of us to do is to reflect on our last 30 days, both personally and professionally - goals and outcomes....
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Your EVP could be killing employee engagement

I came across an article in Forbes on EVP as a potential fix to employee engagement. For those of you who may need a reminder as to what EVP stands for, it’s Employee Value Proposition. Put simply, EVP is defined in the book The War for Talent as “Your company needs a...
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4 things you can do about loss of productivity and engagement in the workplace

Life happens. There’s occurrences and instances that we need to attend to outside of work, sometimes negatively impacting productivity and engagement on-the-job. So, what should we do about it?  We all have events in our lives that take us away from work – happy...
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What you need to know when hiring and onboarding remote workers

Whether you refer to it as a remote, mobile, telecommuters or distributed workforce, we’re in the heydays of it and need to understand how a remote workforce impacts HR and those we hire. Forrester Research predicted that by 2016, 43% of the U.S. workforce would be...
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Leading the Leader: Onboarding Your Boss

When we’ve addressed onboarding best practices in the past, we're usually discussing onboarding those who work beneath managers and department leads. What happens when there’s a new boss in the office? Whose responsibility is it to get them acclimated to the group and...

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